follows on the sale of the product quality and after-sales service commitment: our problems arise in the operation of the product device will reply within 4 hours and rushed to the scene as soon as possible, should the user requirements we will : 1, after-sales service of the quarterly inspection to the user understand the usage, further providing technical services based on usage. We will send representatives to the scene to conduct technical services, guidance on the demand side, according to our request for installation, commissioning and trial operation, and responsible for resolving issues related to product equipment found in the installation, commissioning and operation of. 2, we propose two sides at the meeting to determine the installation, commissioning and operation technology services program, subject to change, will be notified in writing the demand side, as confirmed by the demand side, to meet the requirements of the site conditions, the demand side the right to make changes or amendments, and to notify us in writing, we will try to meet the requirements of the demand side. Authorized in writing by us, the demand side can copy distribution of the distribution side of our equipment design, installation and technical service programs, and we provide all relevant product equipment information and drawings, and the parties concerned, the demand side does not constitute any infringement. Consulting and services required by the demand-side, I may send up to practical experience, technical staff capable of performing this work to the field service, installation, commissioning, trial operation, technical guidance. 5, we will make every effort to fulfill all the obligation to cooperate with the demand side.